Seeing as God sees

Dear Friends,

When I had a dog, I always wondered what he was thinking when he was looking at me so intently.  Probably, “I wonder if he is going to drop any food?” or, “Now where is he going?!?”  His gaze was so intent and seemingly accepting.  I always thought of it as God’s gaze upon me.

How can we see and look upon ourselves and others as God does?  Since all of us struggle with our fallen human nature, we look at ourselves and others as if we have the wrong prescription glasses.  We have a distorted view.

Perhaps if we examine Mary, who was conceived without sin, we might have an example of how to have the sight of God.

Cana Garden At the Spiritual Life Center

Three examples of Mary seeing as God sees:

  1. The Wedding Feast of Cana – John 2. Mary sees the need, sees the solution.  Freely allows Jesus to make His own choice.  What a great example of seeing as God sees.
  2. The Way of the Cross – Mary, sorrowful, sees meaning in suffering.
  3. The Upper Room with the Apostles – Acts 1:3. Remember, these were the men who betrayed her son Jesus.  How difficult it must have been for her to be with the very men who abandoned her son, yet she saw grace, even in the midst of weakness. (2 Co 12:9)

How to receive such sight?  Look at God look at you!

He looks at you longingly, always wanting to be with you, if you are willing to be with Him.  This begins with us being willing to be with ourselves.  For if we are not comfortable with ourselves, we will not be comfortable with the gaze of God, thus, like Adam and Eve, unable to come from hiding, to see what God sees.


Father Ken


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1 Response to Seeing as God sees

  1. Maureen says:

    Father Ken, That is a wonderful post. I will think of it while I am in Adoration. Thank You! AMDG

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