advent and waiting

Dear Friends,

I really hate to wait. Recently I went to the pharmacy.  I think they make you wait so you have to look around at all the stuff they have to sell and to entice you to buy.  I refused to fall for that gag!  So I plopped myself in the chair near the counter, only to have a nurse try to give me a flu shot!  I moved as far away as possible, still refusing to shop.

aaaaWaiting there I saw a middle aged man also waiting. He looked tense and worried.  He was absently looking over the wares on the shelves, but it was clear his mind was not on what he was seeing.  I wondered what type of medicine he was waiting for, and for whom.  I said a prayer for him.

Then I saw an elderly woman with a walker. She was outpacing what looked like her granddaughter.  Wondering how many wars, economic depressions, spouses, and children she experienced, I said a prayer for her too.

Suddenly my name was called and I got my package. I really hate to wait, but when you pray while you wait, the time seems to go by fast, and you feel a part of the community.  “Perhaps waiting is something the Lord designed to give us grace”, I thought, “kind of like Advent.”

ask jsAdvent is a time of waiting. Life is a time of waiting.  We can either sit there and be grumpy or we can be open to His graces.  It’s our choice!

With that consolation, I stopped and bought a candy bar. “That will teach them to make me wait,” I thought!

Father Ken VanHaverbeke



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2 Responses to advent and waiting

  1. Maureen says:

    Very good spiritual advice, Father Ken!(and about the candy bar, too) :0) I will take your advice while waiting. :0)

  2. Cathy says:

    Thank you, Father. It certainly could make waiting (suffering) a redemptive endeavor. And if you bought chocolate (especially dark chocolate) it could actually be good for you! God’s blessings to you and Merry Christmas.

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