Make straight!!!!

bapt of js“Make Straight the Way of the Lord!” John 1:23

In order to “make straight the way of the Lord,” we must know of two very important means or ways:

  1. First, to put aside any confidence in SELF;
  2. Secondly, to have total confidence in God!

Self Confidence.

“Work out your salvation with fear and trembling!” (Phil. 2:12) Odd words!  Wasn’t the first words of our Savior after the resurrection “Be not afraid?”  How can Saint Paul now tell us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling?  What could he possibly mean.

What he means is the heart of walking the path to salvation or hell!

js walkingTo enter into heaven, we must do so with fear! Fear of what?  Ourselves!  A healthy distrust of our own means, our own strength, knowing without God’s help, we are helpless.

John 15:5:  “Without me, Jesus says, you can do nothing!”

2 Co. 3:5 “Not that of ourselves we are qualified to take credit for anything as coming from us; rather, our qualification comes from God.”

We are not even capable of a good thought on our own. We cannot even say “Jesus” on our own,

1 Co. 12:3:  “No one can say, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ except by the Holy Spirit.”

He who trusts in himself is miserable.

Jer. 17:5: “cursed is the one who trusts in man…”

But poor Saint Peter. He was the first among us to learn this lesson.  St. Peter exclaimed with confidence that he would never desert Jesus.  Never!

“In this night before the cock crows you will deny me three times.” (Matt. 26:34).

“Even if I should die with you, I will never deny you!” Peter said (Matt. 26:35). What was the result?

Humility is so necessary for us, that God permits us sometimes to fall into sin so that by our fall we may gain humility and the knowledge of our own weaknesses.

Because of a lack of humility, King David sinned, and after his sin wrote in a psalm, “Before I was humbled, I sinned.”

ropeFear can be a gift from God. If, for instance, you were suspended over a deep ditch with only a small rope held by another, you would not rely upon your own strength, but rather the strength of the one who held the rope.

He who is afraid of falling, distrusts his own strength and avoids, if all possible, any and all dangerous situations. We call this avoiding the near occasion of sin!  But the person who is not afraid, but full of self-confidence, easily exposes himself to the danger of sin, and thus he falls!

St. Philip Neri, the 16th century saint known as the apostle of Rome because of his tireless work in Rome, was known to say upon rising from bed:  “O Lord, keep your hand this day over Philip; if you do not, Philip will betray you!”

In this life it is important to live always in fear of what we can do if left to our own devices, and we must live in total confidence of God. For some, while their intentions are good, might teach “Self matters!,” for us Christians, we know it is God who matters, not self.

Great Confidence in God.  The more we distrust our own strength, the more we must rely upon God’s divine mercy.  If on a balancing scale, as our self-confidence goes down, our confidence to God rises.

No sinner who has placed his trust in God has been lost. “Cast your cares upon the Lord and He shall sustain you.”  Ps., and, “They who hope in the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall take wings as eagles;  they shall run, and not be weary, they shall walk, and not grow faint!” Isaiah

“Make Straight the Way of the Lord!” John 1:23

In order to “make straight the way of the Lord,” we must:

  • First, to put aside any confidence in SELF;
  • Secondly, to have total confidence in God!

Blessed Advent!

Father Ken



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  1. Jeff Thimesch says:

    Thank you, Father! This is the best article thus far. Keep up your work in the Lord. God bless.

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